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We begin a comprehensive evaluation of your business by starting at the groud level to make sure the information that we will use is accurate and complete. From there, we can determine what services are needed. Implementing your customized service package will assist you in making decisions and setting goals that ensure your company's long-term success.

The steps below outline our process if all services offered are used. 

Step 1

Introduction and Gathering of Information

  • Introduction and understanding of company objective or specific project

  • Initial examination of books and bookkeeping practices

  • Develop a plan according to your company's individual needs

Step 2

Data and Administrative Process Examination

  • Examine accounting system and make any necessary changes

  • Evaluate administrative procedures to ensure maximum accuracy
    and efficiency going forward

  • Enter/revise/review recorded accounting transactions

Step 3

Compilation and Analysis of Financial Statements 

  • Generate financial statements

  • Analyze financial statements

  • Cost/pricing analysis

  • Overhead analysis

Step 4

Planning and Maintenance

  • Forecast future performance

  • Develop budget

  • Develop periodic performance and analysis report

  • Develop and review appropriate business strategy

  • Review performance periodically and assess budget

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